Preparing children and families for a lifetime of water safety

About The ZAC Foundation

Son of Karen and Brian, little brother of sister Jenna, and big brother to Henry and  Sydney, Zachary Archer Cohn was a sweet, smart, inquisitive, and gentle six-year-old boy, overflowing with life, curiosity and love for his family. His connection with his family remains unbinding, and his absence felt each and every day.

As if knowing his time would be short, he lived for the day and exuded energy that made him a favorite among his teachers and classmates. He possessed a magnetic personality that drew others near.

To know him, one had to look no further than his choice in fashion for a sense of the carefree nature of Zachary Cohn. Often sporting loose t-shirts, flip-flops, and other casual clothes –  his playful spirit always was on exhibit to those who knew him well.

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“The ZAC Foundation’s vision is to create a generational change in how water safety is viewed by parents and their children.”

Meet Zac

Our son, Zachary Archer Cohn, was a force to be reckoned with. He was a ball of energy, overflowing with life, curiosity, and wit. He had the biggest brown eyes, just like marbles; we swore we could see heaven in those eyes. For Zachary, every day was an adventure he was thrilled to share with his big sister Jenna, little brother Henry, and baby sister Sydney.

Zachary came into this world with his share of hurdles to overcome—from food allergies to an uncomfortable physical condition called muscular torticollis—but, through it all, his smile never faltered.


Our Mission

The ZAC Foundation was established to prepare children and families for a lifetime of water safety. The organization works to strengthen pool safety legislation and funds advocacy, education and effective programming surrounding water safety. Zachary’s memory is the inspiration for the Foundation’s mission and activities.